Webflow vs. Wix: A Comprehensive Comparison for Your Next Web Design Project

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You've probably thought about Webflow and Wix if you're looking for the best website builder. Which is better, though? More significantly, which one will address your issues? Both Webflow and Wix are reliable website-building platforms, each with advantages and disadvantages.

With so many website-building platforms available today, creating a website is as simple as selecting the one that's suitable for you, for example dragging and dropping content into a template of your choice, and clicking "publish." In this in-depth review and comparison blog, we will also contrast Webflow vs Wix.

Let’s dive in. 


Webflow vs. Wix: the visual site-building instruments. Both are incredible solutions for creating websites, but how do you know which one to use?

Webflow and Wix are both popular website creation tools that make website design easier and faster. They both offer drag-and-drop interfaces, allowing users to quickly design custom websites without the need to code. With Webflow and Wix, beginner and experienced web developers alike have the ability to create stunning and complex websites with minimal coding knowledge.

The main differences are seen in the capabilities for design and development. Webflow offers a more comprehensive choice of options and features than Wix, providing users more in terms of design tools and components. 

Wix, on the other hand, offers a more user-friendly experience, providing beginner web developers the ability to start creating a beautiful website without any knowledge of coding.

The Key Factors to Consider Before Choosing The Right Platform For Web Design

In today’s world, while choosing the right platform for web design, there are some things one should keep in mind while considering it. Here are some of them: 

1. Cost

Cost is a significant consideration when selecting a web design platform. Many of the best platforms can be very expensive, and businesses need to be sure that they are not overspending, especially if they are only just getting started. 

2. Easy to use

It is necessary to ensure that the platform is easy to use and navigate, so that anyone who needs to get involved in the website can do so without needing a great deal of technical knowledge. Whatever platform you choose should be easy to use for both visitors and administrators. 

3. Customization

Having the freedom to customize your website will make it much easier to ensure that your visitors can find the information they need quickly and easily. You can even add or remove particular features or make changes to the design that can make a huge difference in user experience. 

4. Scalability

Scalability should be a priority. Businesses must ensure that their website can evolve and grow with their company. Everything from extra features and functionality to a change in a design should be relatively easy to achieve.

5. SEO-Friendly

By incorporating SEO-friendly features into your website, you can make sure that your website can be easily found by search engines and visitors alike. This will ensure that your website is not only well-designed but also highly visible on the web.

How Webflow and Wix Can Simplify Your Website Development Process

Mostly, the purpose of Webflow vs Wix is the same. Here are some of the following:

1. They're Both No-Code Web designers

You don't need to learn to code to utilize Webflow and Wix. It additionally gives you full imaginative command over your site with the goal that it looks and feels precisely how you need it.

2. Both provide free plans

While Webflow and Wix have different plans and prices, both offer free starter plans. The plans have few features, but they're an excellent way for beginners to become acquainted with the platforms and web design process.

3. Templates are available on both platforms

Most fledgling clients need to learn precisely where to start while planning sites. Luckily, both Webflow and Wix offer you a wide assortment of layouts to browse as the foundation of your pages.

Overview of Wix

Wix is a visual website builder that allows you to build mobile applications. Wix users can access various customizable templates, a dependable web hosting service, and built-in SEO tools. The explanation for Wix's monstrous fame is that it has a simple-to-utilize point of interaction, and it doesn't need any coding to make a site.

Additionally, Wix is more seasoned than Webflow and has 300 million clients all over the planet. Its ubiquity has recently developed due to its easy-to-understand interface and a free arrangement.

Features and capabilities of Wix for web design

Here are some of the features and capabilities of Wix for web design:

1. Templates and themes

Wix provides many templates that one can regularly update with the help of web designers. Furthermore, all of these themes are responsive by default, which means they will automatically adapt to all screen types, sizes, and resolutions. Wix also has integrated mobile editor themes.

2. Customization options

Wix's plan highlights and convenience cross over to some degree, so pardon me for sounding extremely repetitive. In any case, Wix's simplified supervisor establishes the groundwork for its website composition process. However, you can change the background of each section and alter individual web elements according to their unique customization options.

3. Ease of use

The ease of use of a website builder should be your first consideration. One can sacrifice flexibility if you choose an intuitive website builder, but Wix gives you both. This tool can create novice users in mind.

Overview of Webflow

Webflow is an in-browser no-code website builder that allows you to create appealing and responsive websites without any prior knowledge of web development.

Webflow, in other words, is a visual web development platform with a large marketplace of templates, frameworks, and plugins.

Features and capabilities of Webflow for web design

Here are some of the features and capabilities For Webflow Development:

Templates and themes

Webflow has more than 1,000 responsive site layouts, including plans for organizations, portfolios, and online journals. These formats can change a blend of visual turn of events, HTML/CSS, and module combinations, it a top choice for a codeless website builder.

Customization options

Wix's plan highlights and convenience cross over to some degree, so pardon me for sounding extremely repetitive. In any case, Wix's simplified supervisor establishes the groundwork for its website composition process. However, you can change the background of each section and alter individual web elements according to their unique customization options.

Ease of use

The ease of use of a website builder should be your first consideration. One can sacrifice flexibility if you choose an intuitive website builder, but Wix gives you both. This tool can create novice users in mind.

Integrations and third-party apps

On the off chance that you need more elements on your website, you should add outsider applications to your site. Wix offers north of 300 applications, and you can find these applications on the Wix Application Market. Other than that, Wix likewise offers a couple of fair applications of its own like Wix Music, Wix Appointments, and Wix Individuals Region.

Is Webflow Better Than Wix?

Here is the comparison between Wix and Webflow, offering insights into the features and capabilities of each platform for those evaluating 'Webflow vs Wix' for their website needs:

A quick brief between Webflow and Wix

Webflow Wix
Easy to Use Enables more complex design, but it is still easy to use compared to wix Simple and intuitive platform
Care for Clients There are multiple courses available for free here Only the Help Center documentation is available for the Free Plan users.
Customization Highly adaptable Has a wide range of customization options, but not as many as Webflow.
Integrating Applications A vast array of integrations Six categories have been logically created for integrations.
Free Plan There is a free plan available. There is no free plan, but a 14-day trial is available.
Monthly Costs $14 to $39 $16 to $59
SSL Certificate Included Yes Yes

Features and capabilities of both platforms

1. E-Commerce

Overall, Wix has an advantage over other platforms when it comes to eCommerce because of its customer account capabilities, multi-currency pricing, abandoned cart emails, and other features. 

Yet neither Wix nor Webflow provides extremely sophisticated inventory management options. However, if online selling is your primary goal, a more eCommerce-focused solution like Shopify or WooCommerce is advised.

2. Blogging Functions

Webflow's blogging features are more robust in general. Webflow natively supports attractive and well-customized blogs due to its HTML/CSS code support and drag-and-drop dynamic elements.

Meanwhile, the blogging functionality on Wix is straightforward, simple, and quick. Wix streamlines the entire process for those who want to deploy a blog and blog entries quickly.

3. Ease of use

Webflow is one that does not intend for novices or amateurs who are starting from scratch when designing a website. Before you begin, you should become acquainted with many of the platform's advanced features. Wix, on the other hand, is simple to use. That is why the website is popular with millions of people. 

4. Templates and themes

Webflow and Wix have many predesigned formats you can use to plan various sites. 

Webflow has over 1,000 responsive site layouts, including plans for organizations, portfolios, and web journals. One can change these formats through the visual turn of events, HTML/CSS, and module combinations.

Wix also has 900+ mobile-optimized templates for any business. These templates are editable with a WYSIWYG editor and can integrate over 250 web apps.

5. Customer Service 

Webflow gives fewer ways to contact the team and slower response times during specific hours. But, it does offer comprehensive self-help resources in the form of whole courses. These are fantastic resources for anyone attempting to fully understand the instrument. However, wix provides better customer service than webflow.

Wix’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Wix

  • Builder - The Drag and Drop supervisors are very novice, cordial, natural, and a pleasure to work with.
  • Components - there are a lot of components and their changes that you can add to your site.
  • Versatile - it is easy to review and alter the versatile adaptation of your site.
  • Free Plan- if you involve it for individual use, you don't need to pay anything to have your site ready to go.

Disadvantage of Wix

  • Limited interactions and animations
    this limitation means that if you choose and enable a template, you will lose all of your site content if you want to change it later, severely limiting your options for updating and customizing websites.
  • Enhancing loading times
    Wix's slow loading times are still another drawback, as this platform generates pages with lengthy loading times that degrade the user experience.
  • There are no migration options
    Wix websites cannot be migrated to other systems or hosting services, as WordPress websites can. When you create a website on Wix, it will be linked with the platform.

Webflow’s Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Plan your site precisely the way that you need with Webflow.
  • You have unlimited authority over designs, responsiveness, styling, and communications, one of the most mind-blowing Webflow Benefits.
  • It accompanies a free arrangement permitting you to try out every one of the elements of Webflow.
  • Advanced SEO tools are available.
  • A free plan that allows you to learn and test Webflow's features.
  • It additionally gives you admittance to cutting-edge Website design enhancement instruments.


  • Steep expectation to learn and adapt
  • Setting up a blog appears to be unnecessarily perplexing

Summary of the Comparison

Our Wix versus Webflow comparison ideally assisted you with concluding which developer is better for you. We pointed out the best things about each administration and discussed some of the different tools they offered.

When all factors are considered, webflow outperforms Wix because

  • Webflow is more adaptable.
  • You can construct almost anything you can imagine.
  • Webflow is far more scalable.
  • The editor features and capabilities of Webflow make websites more productive.
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Final thoughts on Webflow Vs Wix for web design projects

While Webflow and Wix are popular website builders, their target audiences differ. You must decide what is more important: a simple design process or complete control over your web design. 

On the other hand, If you have the former, Wix is your best bet. If the latter is more important to you, Webflow is the better option.

We recommend Webflow if you're looking for a website builder with the potential for unique and impressive websites as well as complete design freedom and the option for a codeless experience.

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1) What sets Webflow apart from Wix in terms of website design capabilities?

Webflow is renowned for its advanced design capabilities, offering visual coding and a more intricate design interface. Wix, on the other hand, is known for its user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, catering to a broad user base.

2) Is one platform more suitable for beginners over the other, considering ease of use and learning curve?

Wix is often considered more beginner-friendly with its straightforward interface, making it accessible for users with minimal design or coding experience. Webflow, while powerful, may have a steeper learning curve.

3) How do Webflow and Wix differ in terms of e-commerce capabilities and customization options for online stores?

Both platforms support e-commerce, but Webflow is favored for its flexibility in customizing online stores. Webflow allows for more intricate design choices, while Wix provides a simpler, template-driven approach.

4) Which platform offers better SEO tools and features to enhance website visibility on search engines?

Webflow is often praised for its advanced SEO capabilities, providing users with more control over on-page SEO elements. Wix also offers SEO tools, but Webflow may be preferred for those seeking a more SEO-focused platform.

5) Can I migrate my website from Wix to Webflow or vice versa, and how seamless is the migration process?

Migrating between Webflow and Wix is possible, but the ease of the process depends on the complexity of your website. Both platforms provide guides and resources to assist with migration, but planning is crucial for a smooth transition.

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