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Why should you consider us as a Figma to Webflow Developer?

Pixel Perfect Design

We develop pixel perfect Figma to Webflow development with an attention to the detail. We even correct details if needed and communicate with you.

Responsive Design

We ensure that our Webflow development and design has similar experiences across all the devices.

Page Speed Optimization

We build a site with a clean structure so it won’t impact the page speed. We make sure that Google’s core web vitals are in green.

Simple Pricing

We keep straight forward pricing based on what you opt for. Choose a way to work with us. No Contracts. Cancel anytime.

Quick Delivery

We deliver your Webflow website in just 2 weeks*. And, our turnaround time for hourly work is just 2 days.

Certified Developers

We ensure that our Webflow developers, certified through Webflow University, excel as a premier Figma to Webflow agency.

Beautiful Interactions

We create simple and beautiful animations that improve the user's overall experience.

Webflow CMS

We use Webflow CMS wherever it's necessary. You can easily update your content and images without any technical knowhow.


We integrate third-party tools such as CRM, forms, analytics software. We also use Make.comor Zapier to integrate complex systems.

Our Figma to Webflow Development Process

We guide you throughout the development. We take simple, transparent and dedicated approach for Figma to Webflow development.

Figma to webflow development

1.Requirements Gathering

We review your Figma File

We go through your Figma design and plan the development before convert Figma to webflow. We discuss the execution plan with you to finalize the project.

Figma to webflow developer

2.Webflow Development

We turn your Figma design into Webflow website

We start developing your Webflow website based on Figma file and we make sure it delivers the pixel perfect design . You will get a fast, responsive and SEO-friendly website.

figma to webflow development services

3.Test, Launch and Handover

We make sure you get pixel-perfect development

Once we finished Figma to Webflow development we start testing your website for pixel perfect result across all the devices. After your approval, we go live with your website. And, we train your team how to make basic changes.

Our Recent Webflow Projects



Novobeing is a digital health company that is revolutionizing stress management and self-care through the use of virtual reality well-being experiences.

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convert figma to webflow



Aruti makes HR and payroll simple. It is the superhero behind the scenes, freeing you up to focus on what truly matters — building an amazing company culture.

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convert figma to webflow



Nanonets is a SaaS platform that automate manual data entry using AI.

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convert figma to webflow

My Hotel Line


My Hotel Line is an easy-to-use SaaS Platform for the Hospitality Industry. They were looking to revamp their website for better user experience and marketing activities.

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convert figma to webflow

Santvan Group


Santvan Group is one of the best real-estate builders in the diamond city, Surat. We re-designed their website to highlight their projects, unique offerings and their experience.

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convert figma to webflow



Customer Onboarding and Implementation in enterprise SaaS companies is a challenge.

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convert figma to webflow

Our customers love and trust us. Know, why?

With theCSS Agency, the client saw a huge improvement in their overall branding. Website traffic increased by 30%, and over 1,000 resellers signed up through the site. Their responsiveness and dedication to delivering quality service made them stand out from other vendors.

Ridho Utama
Marketing Manager, Lucky Bundle

Thanks to theCSS Agency's work, We have seen a growth in customers staying on the website and conversion rates have increased. The punctuality and transparency of the team were commendable and were really impressive.

Priyam Kapoor
Product Manager, JetLearn

The resulting website met the client's expectations. They commended theCSS Agency for their efficiency and strong adherence to delivering quality and timely work. The team also communicated clearly and regularly via Discord, ensuring both sides were always on the same page.

Liudas Kuklierius
CEO, UAB Interior Composer

The branding materials theCSS Agency has developed perfectly reflect our company — We have received a lot of positive feedback about the new logo and website design. theCSS Agency has managed projects well, factoring edit requests into project timelines to ensure deadlines are met.

Mehul Fanawala
Co-Worker, The Clueless Company

I am happy with theCSS Agency's Webflow development process. They successfully delivered the platform before the deadline while keeping an excellent output. Their follow-ups and delivery process were notable in the partnership.

Vipul Sutariya
Founder, LGReplica

theCSS Agency team did a great job troubleshooting and updating the design of my Webflow website. He's very easy to work with and very communicative. I will continue to work with him in the future.

Vanessa Eshaya
Co-Founder at Eye Mind Spirit

They have simply done magic with our brand. Starting from logo redesign to taking our brand identity to the next level, and to redesigning a minimalistic,website; it’s absolutely commendable.

Client Image
Rajnikant Rana
CEO - Triveni Global Software Services

theCSS Agency helped me re-brand my entire website in Webflow. Being in the real-estate industry, it is important for us to showcase our latest and upcoming projects.

Hardik Lakhani
Owner, Santvan Group

Frequently asked questions about Figma to Webflow Development Service

Have a different question? Get in touch with us.

What is Figma to Webflow conversion?

Figma to Webflow conversion is the process of translating designs created in the Figma design tool into a fully functional and responsive website using the Webflow platform. It ensures a seamless transition from design concepts to a live and interactive web presence.

Why choose Figma to Webflow conversion?

Figma to Webflow conversion offers a smooth and efficient way to bring your design visions to life. It provides a bridge between design and development, enabling a pixel-perfect translation of Figma designs into a functional, responsive, and dynamic Webflow website.

What benefits does Figma to Webflow conversion provide?

Delivery time depends on the number of pages and complexity of the complete project. Overall delivery time is around 2 to 4 weeks depends on the number of pages, and other website functionality. If you are looking for 1 to 3 pages Figma to Webflow, It takes 3 to 5 days to deliver it. We also ensure ultimate quality and accuracy of the Figma to Webflow we build, and take joint decisions with you to move ahead with each step.

How long does the Figma to Webflow conversion process take?

The duration of the Figma to Webflow conversion process depends on the complexity of the design and specific project requirements. The CSS Agency aims for efficiency without compromising quality, providing a timeline tailored to each project.

What level of customization is possible during Figma to Webflow conversion?

The Figma to Webflow conversion process allows for a high level of customization. The CSS Agency ensures that your Webflow site not only mirrors the design but also offers flexibility for additional customization to meet specific branding and functionality needs.

Do you offer responsive design in Figma to Webflow conversion?

Yes, responsive design is a core aspect of the Figma to Webflow conversion services provided by The CSS Agency. The resulting Webflow site is optimized for various devices, ensuring a seamless user experience across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Are there any limitations to Figma to Webflow conversion?

While Figma to Webflow conversion is a powerful process, certain design elements or interactions may have limitations based on Webflow's capabilities. The CSS Agency thoroughly assesses and communicates any potential limitations during the project's planning phase.

Can you integrate third-party tools or plugins during Figma to Webflow conversion?

Yes, The CSS Agency can integrate third-party tools and plugins into your Webflow site during the conversion process. This ensures that your website can leverage additional functionalities and features beyond the standard Webflow capabilities.

Is there ongoing support after the Figma to Webflow conversion?

Absolutely! The CSS Agency provides ongoing support post-conversion to address any questions, concerns, or further customization needs. We are committed to ensuring the long-term success and functionality of your Webflow website.

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